Evil Man

Evil man is a story about the victims of the descendants of Cain who followed in his footsteps as well as victims trapped in a stalemate. It is a story about death. The violent, sudden death man fears most. Death coming from the neighbourhood, lurking in city districts, the next village, a parallel street, in the courtyard opposite, in a small flat above or below. The pictures in this story depict the visible trace which death leaves behind – the corpse, revealing its cold, ordinary, dirty and ugly face. They strip death of its attributes – rituals and symbolism. They are evidence of evil and crime, but also despair and suffering, locked in a filing cabinet crammed with files.
These pictures also say that photography is authentic fiction. Created along the lines of a document they make use of the sincerity of photography not revealing, however, whether they are authentic, or whether they are just an imaginative creation. However, it is of no significance because they tell true stories.

Evil Man

Suicidal hanging without full-body suspension, Limanowskiego Street, Żyrardów


Strangulation with a towel, an elderly woman, a victim of a robbery, numerous blood extravasations,  Łódź


Unknown man found in the village of Sławków  near Dąbrowa Górnicza,  probable cause of death – suicide


35-year-old woman drowned by her partner during a domestic argument, Bielawa Estate, Bydgoszcz


Hanging with full body suspension, close to village of Różanki  near Gorzów Wielkopolski


Hanging with full body suspension, close to village of Różanki near Gorzów Wielkopolski


6-year-old boy with numerous traces of beating, death due to fracturing of the spine at level C6-C7, father admitted hitting his child’s head on the edge of the bed. Clearly visible marbling, Rzeszów


Fatal beating, numerous ecchymoses covering the entire body surface, Gliwicka Street, Załęże District, Katowice, Evil man, 2011, Hubert Humka


Sexual assault, body tied up and abandoned near the forest road, forests near Skierniewice


Death  as a result of a stab wound piercing  the body inflicted during neighborhood argument, the victim was still alive for 1 hour and 11 minutes, without any life-sustaining treatment, village of Studzianki near Białystok


A 42-year-old male severely beaten about the face with fists during a heavy drinking session, Niebuszewo Estate, Szczecin


Murder in organized crime feud, drowned, swamps in Puszcza Kampinoska, near Palmiry


Homeless person hit by a car driven by three young men returning from a discoteque. During the investigation they testified that they had done it „for fun”, close to village of Biała  near Wieluń


Rape and murder of a mentally retarded teenager, an employee of the former “PGR” in Jeziorany near the Mazury Lakes


Middle-aged woman fatally stabbed with  kitchen knife by her son, Górki Estate, Lublin


Murder of an elderly woman by using blunt edged tool,  probably a hammer, then the corpse was thrown into the river and discovered near the dam, Namyślin, Evil man


Raped and murdered prostitute, near Piekary Śląskie